DECEMBER 21: Winter Solstice

Across the world the passing of Winter Solstice, the year’s shortest day, is celebrated in many ways, although few make use of citrus 🍋

However, in Japan, people take a bath with Yuzu fruit bobbing about. The fruit’s oil is reportedly cleansing with a relaxing, aromatic scent akin to a mix of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin.⁣

Yuzu are a citrus fruit found across Asia and look a little like yellow versions of the bitter, Seville oranges.⁣

Apparently, they’re@also good for fighting off colds and flu, although sadly I can’t recommend it for batting Covid-19, although living in a fairly rigour lockdown I’d be ready to give it a try! ⁣

My son suggested taking a picture in the bath with my hotdog legs and the jars … think yourselves lucky you just get the bottles 😂⁣
The image show some of the citrussy and other ingredients, spices and condiments that I bought last year during my trip to Japan.⁣

1. With red top: Sichimi Tougarashi, a spicy seasoning, hot sauce, you can use on any food – soup, meat, fish, vegetables.

2. Small white jar: Yuzu powder.

3. Dark bottle: Yuzu dressing. Described as a bit acid, usually used as a dip for tempura for oily food and within salad dressings.

4. Large bottle with lemon image: Similar to the Yuzu dressing, but with lemon.⁣

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