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Radish leaf pesto, smashed it!

Buying fresh radish from my local market in Bra, northern Italy is so different from the experience offered in the mini-supermarket just a few hundred metres away. Market radishes are bright red, likely pulled from the ground within the past 24 hours, eaten with a healthy crunch and with a sweetness enough even to tempt […]

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British asparagus three-ways

Britain’s asparagus season is in full swing and and at this time of year there really is no excuse to buy force-grown imports air-freighted from thouseands of miles away into the country. Hailed by top chefs as the best in the world, British asparagus enjoys a relatively short season of just seven to eight weeks! […]

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Chop chop chop, taste taste taste

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School book did what it said on the cover strapline – show ‘How a Few Simple Lesson Transformed Nine Culinary Novices into Fearless Home Cooks’. Written by US author and Le Cordon Bleu cooking school alumni Kathleen Flinn, the book aims to help nine self confessed ‘hopeless’ cooks gain basic skills […]

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