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Plates of little Waterfalls are a Mission ImPASTAble

Fancy creating a new pasta shape. Well, US-based food writer and podcaster Dan Pashman did just that and his Cascatelli pasta is now available to buy online (if you live in the US)

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Honey, I’m bee whispering in Lombardy

High up in the hills of Lombardy, south of Milan, are 400 bee hives dotted around fields, woodlands and edging vineyards. They belong to siblings Michela and Paolo who for the past ten years have created a life in the countryside of Lombardy in northern Italy looking after bees, showing a sincere love and caring […]

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Bitter orange flowers offer sweet flavours

High above the Mediterranean Sea in Vallebona, an ancient town in the Italian province of Liguria, lies a grove of bitter orange trees. Family run, the La Vecchia Distilleria grove is developing a reputation for high quality orange water known as Acqua di Fiori d’Arancio Amaro and for a limited production of neroli, an essential […]

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CITRUS BITES: Agretti … Spring time in Italy

Agretti! I spotted the word in an Instagram post with by chef @kentcooking and it intrigued me. After mentioning my interest in this, a comment from Rome, Italy-based chef and teacher @carla_tomasi suggested I had better be quick as this vegetable was in season in Spring and this year’s Spring was already reshaping into Summer. […]

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Cooking with strangers around a Table Less Traveled

Squinting into the screen of my mini-iPad I see friendly, smiley anonymous faces staring back at me in a culinary Zoom session. We’re gathered with a sense of community, to share our time and isolated spaces and take part in an interactive cooking class. I’ve signed up for 90 minutes of expert tuition, connecting with […]

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The Lucca restaurant making its point through innovation

Chefs have a choice. Run with the new, the unknown and the experimental, or fill their menus with dishes that cemented their early reputation. Yes, the favourites remain on the list – why would you want to disappoint long term fans of the dish seeking out signature dishes – think Riccardo Camanini at Lido 84 […]

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