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EAT TING better with South African flavours

South African cuisine is diverse, unique, and delicious. Influenced by centuries of migration and colonisation, many of its flavours originate from such places as  Malaysia, India, France and The Netherlands but has more recently been diluted by cheap, highly processed, junk food that offers people little in the way of healthier, better eating choices. It’s […]

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Oranges, stars and the Golden Valley of Mallorca

Majorca also spelt Mallorca, as in Catalan and Spanish is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, is covered with delightful citrus groves full of lemon and orange trees. With a lovely climate throughout the year and beautiful views everywhere you look, the island is a popular holiday spot where tourists slake thirst with juicy […]

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BLOOD ORANGES Squeezing out the magic

  Slicing open an orange to reveal its bloody flesh is a pleasure reserved for the cold, dark wet months of January and early February, in the UK anyway. The arrival of the blood oranges from the groves dotted around the Mediterranean and increasingly Florida and California sparks a flurry of cooks washing out their […]

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Scotland’s Taste for Tourism

Young people with a taste for Scotland’s food and drink and a passion for promoting Scottish food and drink to the world are being invited to enter a competition for the chance to address delegates at a major conference designed to bring food tourists to Scotland. The Taste for Tourism conference in Oban this November aims […]

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