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Browsing cookery books at Borough Market

So what would you choose as your favourite go-to cookery or recipe book? This was one of the key questions put to a panel of four influential foodies working in the business including a writer, retailer, publisher and librarian. The debate was hosted by the fabulous Borough Market in south London, as a part of […]

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Chop chop chop, taste taste taste

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School book did what it said on the cover strapline – show ‘How a Few Simple Lesson Transformed Nine Culinary Novices into Fearless Home Cooks’. Written by US author and Le Cordon Bleu cooking school alumni Kathleen Flinn, the book aims to help nine self confessed ‘hopeless’ cooks gain basic skills […]

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Chef Rosemary brings Californian prune sweetness to the table

Celebrity chef and star of such TV classics as ‘Ladette to Lady’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity …’, Rosemary Shrager loves prunes. She is especially fond of those nurtured in the soft, laid back warmth of southern California. That’s obvious after a group of foodies, writers and bloggers spent a few hours with her at the […]

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