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Lobsters & chocolate! Five quirky festivals across Central America

Central America’s annual festivals reflect ancient traditions while embracing new, modern customs, often resulting in people enjoying time in some unusual places. Here is a taster from of some of the top festival/foodie destinations across Central American. Feria de la Mascarada, COSTA RICA. March 28 – 31, 2016 The “Feria de la Mascarada”, a […]

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Taking a detour to Rye

Smuggling and owling (wool smuggling) were once popular activities for locals and visitors to the southern English town of Rye. Today, tourists are more likely to come for some of the tastiest fish and chips you’ll ever eat or perhaps a milk shake made with various different strengths from creamy white chocolate with 28% cocoa […]

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Grenada to host choc fest

The Caribbean island of Grenada is one of the few places in the world where cocoa is grown and turned into chocolate using traditional methods, and this festival is geared up to following the journey cocoa takes from ‘tree’ to ‘bar’. So, locals have organised a Chocolate Festival celebrate the islands historical links with the […]

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