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Pineapples, still life and hot houses

Every since explorer Christopher Columbus landed at Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and saw his first pineapple, the fruit has held a spell over cooks, cheese and wine party hosts and the American canning industry. My interest in the knobbly fruit was piqued during a lecture at the Royal Academy art gallery in London, as part […]

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Zurich meets London goes Dada

Dada, one of the world’s most exciting and controversial art movements of the 2oth Century, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and it’s being done in typical style. The art and cultural movement was born out of the avant-garde world that was thriving in the Swiss city of Zürich in the 1910s before spreading […]

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Cooking for Geeks: understanding the science on your plate

What do you think about when prepping a dinner party, a BBQ or trying out a new recipe, from Peru, for example. Perhaps your inner geek is seeking answers to questions such as; ‘how does my sense of taste and smell work?’ and ‘how does heat change our foods?’ or what’s the science behind the […]

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