Hollywood gets cooking with ‘Burnt’

515943_num1105574Bradley Cooper stars as ‘tortured’ chef (is there any other!) Adam Jones whose self-destructive behaviour caused him to lose his two Michelin stars in Paris. Intent on winning them back and even aspiring to attain an elusive third star he comes to London and, with the help of fellow chef Helene (Sienna Miller), strives to achieve his goal.

Sienna Miller stars in new Hollywood food film, Burnt
Sienna Miller stars in new Hollywood food film, Burnt

Does he get the three stars? Well, it is Hollywood and it is Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller and although getting three Michelin Stars is notoriously difficult, I’ll leave to for you to see the film to see if Adam does get his longed for stars! Cooper is reported to have prepared for this role by flipping burgers in Burger King and taking lessons from fiery chef Gordon Ramsey.

On a more technical aside, one of the London restaurant kitchens that features in the film needed to be ‘science’ themed. The production team called in Cream Supplies who, together with long-time collaborator Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart (food scientist and flavour expert), provided equipment, tools and ingredient.

The list included a huge collection of laboratory equipment from Petri dishes, watch glasses, flasks, measuring cylinders, test tubes, syringes, spherification equipment and magnetic stirrers, to large scale kit that included a PolyScience Antigriddle and Buchi rotary evaporator.

Burnt is due for release in US on October 23rd and the UK on November 6th.



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