Grenada to host choc fest

The Caribbean island of Grenada is one of the few places in the world where cocoa is grown and turned into chocolate using traditional methods, and this festival is geared up to following the journey cocoa takes from ‘tree’ to ‘bar’.

440227_num1031287_600x600So, locals have organised a Chocolate Festival celebrate the islands historical links with the chocolate trade. Highlights of next May’s event will include visitors getting the chance to be a farmer for a day on an organic cocoa farm learning how to pick cocoa pods, harvest the beans and prepare them for processing. There is also a chance to design and create a chocolate bar under the guidance of the team at the local Diamond Estate Chocolate Factory. Another workshop will extolling the health benefits of eating, drinking and cooking with chocolate.

Throughout the event there will be opportunities to sample chocolate including locally brewed chocolate beer and rums, chocolate-inspired cocktails, local cocoa tea and chocolate themed meals.  One day local cooks, Esther and Omega will guide people through the process of preparing their own chocolate inspired lunch.

Chocolate Fest includes opportunities to explore Grenada. Activities including hiking through a cocoa plantation or taking a field trip with local school children to learn about the history of cocoa and chocolate and the importance of having a sustainable farming community are on offer

Families can take part in traditional activities such as ‘dancing the cocoa’, ‘walking the cocoa’ and ‘scooping the cocoa’ on a fun day at the Belmont Estate.

The Chocolate Fest is being hosted by True Blue Bay, a boutique resort tucked away on a hillside on the south coast of the island.


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