DECEMBER 3: Orange and clove pomanders offer warming, spicy scents


Helping make yours a Cracking Citrussy Christmas #lovecitrus

Pomanders date back hundreds of years and evolved into mixtures of fragrant, dried herbs in cloth bags, and in this case oranges and often with a sprinkling of other spices and perhaps a spritz of cinnamon oil.  

The simplest way is to simply pierce the fruit with the cloves in a pattern or just randomly and hope the legends warding off illness or bring strength and good fortune. Hang them on your Christmas tree, the kitchen or perhaps the hallway to make a welcoming, fragrant welcome to your home.  

Adding a little spices to your DIY Christmas decorations (Photo: Alicja Gancarz,/ Unsplash)

Tips: Use a toothpick to break the skin and before inserting the cloves.

Get creative in the designs and patterns you make – spirals, diamonds, letters. Tie colourful ribbons around the orange to add a festive feel.For a stronger aroma, roll the finished pomander orange in a mixture of spices such as ground cinnamon, ground cloves, ground nutmeg and allspice. Leave the orange in the mix for a week, turning once a day

To hang your pomander, run a long wire through the orange; make a knot at the bottom and a loop at the top for hanging. 

Tag me into any pomander oranges you make 🙂

Spices make all the difference to orange pomanders (Photo Tamara Gak, Unsplash)

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