COOK WRAP EXPORT! Your guide to export success

9781908003669Go Global! is the theme for my latest book, Cook Warp Export. It follows two years after my first book, Cook Wrap Sell that continues to sell well to people dreaming of starting a home based food business.

Cook Wrap Export takes producers on the next stage of the journey seeking out international markets for their food and drink.

I have included lots of case studies from successful food and drink exporters offer practical advice successful food exporters.

Over ten chapters and a packed ‘Useful Resources’ section, Cook Wrap Export guides the reader through the various stages of building an international business. Whether it’s working out whether you’re produce would find a ready market in South America or China. The book explains how to identify and target potential markets, manage money across borders and ship your products safely across time zones and continents.

The UK government is supporting British firms looking to expand abroad. Britain’s Liz Truss MP and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, returned recently from promoting British food from pigs trotters to dairy products in the Asia, said: “We’re selling them products like Yorkshire Tea, which is a very British marketed product — it has a picture of the Yorkshire Dales on the packet. The whole concept of afternoon tea is really catching on in China,” she said.

HiResCook Wrap Export will guide and support you through the various stages in building an export company and to the joy of seeing your product on the shelves in a supermarket in Dubai, France, New York …

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I am a freelance journalist and published author focusing on food and drink; business startups and enterprise, culture and travel. In 2019 I graduated with a Masters degree in Food Culture, Communication and Marketing from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy. I have chaired many conferences and meetings, spoken at conferences and events and often appear on radio and TV talking most about food, the business of food and being an entrepreneur.

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