DECEMBER 9: Clementines, Easy peelers by any another name


close up of fruits in bowl

Up and down Christmas season fruit and vegetable aisles of British supermarkets you’ll see smallish cardboard boxes and orange coloured nets full of ‘Easy Peelers’, a marketing term that frustrates those with a hand scrawled shopping list filled with words such as tangerines, mandarins, and clementine.

Most Easy Peelers are in fact clementines ( Citrus Clementina), the fruit you might perhaps find at the bottom of your Christmas stockings. 

Tangerines and clementines

It’s sister fruit, the tangerine, are slightly larger and have a brighter colouring, and smoother, shinier skin. With thinner skin, Clementines are easier to peel than tangerines. They have a flatter area on the top and bottom areas.

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Clementines are packed with fresh, ctirus flavours – great for cakes and pies Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Clementines are more cold tolerant than larger orange varieties, and are likewise available from November through April having grown in countries and regions such as China, Spain, Morocco and California.

Clementines are great in smoothies, gin, cakes, trifles, and muffins.


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