Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a splash of tangy Turf Sauce

Kitty O’Byrnes is a proper Irish success story.

Founded in 2013, Kitty’s is a small food company created by Deb Ross, a Dublin-based foodie, and is home of Turf Sauce. Available in three flavours – smoked; sweet and tangy, and hot –  the sauce is based on  an original recipe, made sweet and tangy sauce with Irish Stout. Use it as a marinade on meats such as beef or pork

As Kitty says: “My love for food and cooking is soaked in childhood memories; watching my Grandmother churn butter into yellow bricks of salted goodness; my Mother’s Sunday roasts, freshly baked soda bread, cakes and pies; my Father’s return from a fishing trip, freshly caught trout sautéing gently in butter.

“My idea of heaven is seated around my kitchen table with family and friends sharing food, stories and laughter… the perfect ingredients for making memories,” she says!


Turf sauce bottles


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