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Oranges and people pulped in Battaglia delle Arancie

Cool morning air blows down from the Alpine mountains into Ivrea, in Piedmont, northern Italy and mingles with the scent of oranges, stacked in quiet street corners and squares ready for the city’s annual carnival, the Battaglia delle Arancie (Battle of the Oranges). It’s mid-February and time for the carnival, in which locals pelt each […]

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New generation Barbaresco wines from La Vedetta

There’s a lot of energy in the air at the La Vedetta winery. Lying in the heart of the vine-covered rolling hills of Barbaresco, an extraordinary part of the wine-producing region of the Langhe, the winery is blessed with great soils, magical micro-climates and amazing views. But in the middle of February, the energy is […]

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Silently maturing cheese wheels reward patience

With one family name and two Christian names the history of the Cravero family of Bra, Piedmont is told in cheese – towers of golden, ripening rounds of  Parmigiano-Reggiano. Through five generations of affineurs (alternately named Giacomo and Giorgio) the current head of this Italian family business Giorgio Cravero is an engaging enthusiast for the […]

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A feast for the eyes at Pompeii’s Last Supper

When burning hot ash rained down and swirling clouds of toxic gases spewed out of Mount Vesuvius some 2000 years ago, the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were covered and forgotten.  Early last year I was travelling through southern Italy around Naples with a group of university classmates on a study trip visiting pasta makers, […]

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Biting into tradition and galette for an Epiphany

Flaky, sweet, shiny and irresistible the tradition of eating a ‘Galette des Rois’ in early January brings a delicious end to the Christmas season. It’s January 6th and after a quick stop to see family in Paris, I’m driving through a frosty, chilly France en route back to Italy and my life in Piedmont, northern […]

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Memories of Kabu and a Japanese masterclass

A vigorous swirl of finely battoned turnip in a generous splash of vinegar, rice is best, and chemistry takes over. The once clear bowl is suddenly vivid purple. Let it rest for a few minutes and then a forkful of this fresh, bright vegetable is irresistible. Taking small bites, you feel energised, fresh and wanting […]

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