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Flavour seeker creates community around wine, oysters and passion

Copenhagen is a buzzing, international city with an enviable reputation for food and wine. Victor Monchamp’s Paris90 wine bar and cultural space is a popular destination for wine, food and oyster lovers.

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There’s a sign by a small field surrounded by vines being baked by the hot summer sun of southern France, that reads … ‘You are welcome to camp here, but be warned, we harvest at night!’ The sign can be found at the organic vineyard Domaine de Montcalm found just to the west of the iconic Camague national park in southern France.

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New generation Barbaresco wines from La Vedetta

There’s a lot of energy in the air at the La Vedetta winery. Lying in the heart of the vine-covered rolling hills of Barbaresco, an extraordinary part of the wine-producing region of the Langhe, the winery is blessed with great soils, magical micro-climates and amazing views. But in the middle of February, the energy is […]

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A feast for the eyes at Pompeii’s Last Supper

When burning hot ash rained down and swirling clouds of toxic gases spewed out of Mount Vesuvius some 2000 years ago, the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum were covered and forgotten.  Early last year I was travelling through southern Italy around Naples with a group of university classmates on a study trip visiting pasta makers, […]

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Le Beaujolais Nouveau 2019 est arrivé

Excited shouts of  ‘Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé’ in dodgy French accents will be ringing out today from bars and restaurants around the world from Lyon in France to Toyko and New York as the annual launch of this miracle of wine marketing hits the streets. Simple, fruity and perhaps tasting of bubblegum and figs […]

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