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Bruce McMichael is an experienced food and travel writer, photographer and author. His first book Cook Wrap Sell was published by Brightword/ in 2012. His second book has now published. Called Cook Wrap Export, it’s a guide-book for food producers looking to sell their produce internationally.

While living in the English county of Shropshire Bruce created two food magazines Taste Shropshire and Taste Herefordshire covering the vibrant local food scene in the two counties. He is also an active member of the Guild of Food Writers.


Any use of content sourced from use of my content without my permission is strictly prohibited, unless you share an excerpt or picture that links directly back to the source with full and clear credit given to me:  Bruce McMichael and

Photographs and images made by Bruce/ are available for purchase and will be provided once full payment is made. Photos for sale will be credited to ‘Bruce McMichael’.

If you would like to work with me, please get in touch!

  • Sponsorship or advertising on
  • Travel writing, photography and video
  • Public speaking

Please note – we rarely accept guest posts on However, please feel to contact Bruce at hello[at]thelemongrove[dot]net for any other enquiries.


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