DECEMBER 15: A thin slice of Membrillo will cut through a thick slice of cheese

The Lemon Grove Christmas Advent Calendar, December 15

Membrillo is a delicious, sweet, thick reddish paste made with quince and lemon and a perfect taste and colour for Christmas. 

This slice was bought at local cheese maker @blackwoods running a popup shop @boreplace.

While I made some quince jelly this year, I didn’t try my hand at membrillo despite having seen lots of tempting images from @somersetmembrillo 😊   

The texture is of a soft, slightly grainy jelly and has a delicate floral, honeyed flavour, with tones of other seasonal fruits such as cranberry and and maybe figs. 

Made in blocks, it’s a perfect foil for strong tasting cheese such as Manchego from Spain, for spreading on toast, or to perk up meats.

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Membrillo is a past made with the quince fruit (pictured), lemon and sugar. Photo by Eva Elijas on
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Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

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