Enjoy eight of Spain’s best markets

Gourmet food markets have taken off across Spain, often attached to food markets selling fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and a host of local foods from olives to ingredients for tapas. They tend to be located right in the centre of the city, and often offer live show cooking, small foodie shops and restaurant-terraces.

Spain is full of great gastro-markets (Image: John Coupe)
Spain is full of great gastro-markets (Image: John Coupe)

Here is a selection of eight of the best known markets, according to the Spanish Tourist Board.

San Miguel, Madrid

This market with over 100 years of history is located beside the Plaza Mayor square in the very heart of the city, and is an obligatory stop for anyone who wants to savour Spain’s gourmet produce, along with exquisite foods from all over the world.

La Boqueria, Barcelona

This is one of the landmark markets in the city and we recommend strolling along its aisles to take in all the colours and aromas to be found on its stalls. You’ll also be able to taste the fare, sample fresh produce and take part in regular cooking courses featuring famous chefs.

San Agustín, Toledo

Five floors of culinary pleasures, this market sits alongside a number of monuments with the UNESCO World Heritage designation. The idea is to sample what most takes your fancy from each stall: from Iberian cured ham, fine wines and cheeses to the sweetest cakes and pastries known all over the world.

Southern Spain's food and weather, what's not to like (Image: John Coupe)
Southern Spain’s food and weather, what’s not to like (Image: John Coupe)

Lonja del Barranco, Seville

Imagine eating splendidly while you gaze out over the Triana neighbourhood in Seville, or the banks of the Guadalquivir river. That’s what you can do here, as well as taking part in cooking courses, gastronomic visits and exhibitions, among other activities. The building will remind you of the work of Eiffel, who is thought to have initiated the design.

Central Market, Valencia

This market is synonymous with tradition, flavour and aromas to tempt your senses. A good place to find typical products from Valencia to take home, and –of course– to savour them at any of its stalls or bars. And what’s more, the market is housed in a lovely modernist building.

El Puerto Market, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

It’s located in one of the most popular tourist areas in the city, near the Las Canteras beach. You can sample typical Canarian dishes, recipes from other regions in Spain, and a wide selection of international gastronomy. And all in an open-air setting with a fantastic atmosphere.

San Agustín Gourmet, Granada

A combination of traditional market and gourmet cuisine that guarantees a mouth-watering experience. For example, you can buy meat at one of the stalls and have it cooked for you on the spot. You’ll find a wide variety of products and dishes that will open your eyes to the very best of Andalusian gastronomy.

Victoria Market, Cordoba

The cuisine of Cordoba, typical Andalusian and Spanish dishes and the best international cuisine on offer in over 30 stalls set out in the middle of the La Victoria gardens, very near the historic centre with its UNESCO World Heritage designation.




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