You wait for one seasonal food guide and then two come along!

Eating fresh food grown in season has always been a good idea, but knowing when and what food is in season has been more hit and miss. Our parents and grandparents living in the 1930s and beyond seemed to know instinctively. However, they were living off the land directly and didn’t have the option of buying oranges, asparagus or tomatoes anytime they ventured into a supermarket, which in any case didn’t really exist back in the day. So to help us discover what’s in season here are two charts published by Slow Food and from food PR company Pam Lloyd.

Bruce McMichael

I am freelance journalist and published author focusing on food and drink; business startups and enterprise; culture and travel. I have also written about the global upstream oil and gas industry, shipping and current affairs. Based in London, I travel widely, particularly across western Europe. I have chaired many conferences and meetings, spoken at conferences and events and often appear on radio and TV talking most about food, the business of food and being an entrepreneur.

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